2009/7/19 MEM <tal...@gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I have a Animals DAO class that I'd like to apply a pagination class to it.
> Between this two classes, there will be a composition relation (more
> precisely, an association one). My question is:
> Is a Pagination that "has a" Animal. OR Is a Animal that "has a" pagination?
> Should we create on Class Pagination a property named $_animal OR, should we
> create on class Animal a property named $_pagination?
> I'm inclined to accept the second one, since, if I put the property $_animal
> on my classe Pagination, I will end up, on the Pagination Class, with so
> many properties as pagination objects... :s

Pagination is the generically applicable class - it should know
nothing about what specifically it's paginating.



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