> I don't know how your other classes are arranged, 

myPDO.class.php -> Singleton. Makes the connection to the database possible.

generalDAO.class.php -> Abstract DAO Class, grabs the myPDO instance and could 
have other methods on the future that are shared for all the DAO classes.

AnimalsDAO.class.php -> DAO class with insertAnimal(); deleteAnimal(); 
updateAnimal(); countAnimal(); selectSpecificAnimam() methods...

The same goes for the VetDAO.class.php.

> but personally I'd
> build pagination into a class that provides raw data access, then
> inherit that for specific types of data like animals. Efficient
> pagination is too tightly coupled to the data source to be separate.

According to the above, does this suggestion of yours still apply? 
If so, what is the buzzword that I should look at so that "inherit that for 
specific types of data like animals" could be possible? What/where should I 
look/search to accomplish your suggestion?


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