At 02:55 PM 7/7/01 -0400, Mitch Vincent wrote:
>     I've been using PHP for several years now and one question has plagued
>me the entire time. Why doesn't PHP have global variables? Before someone
>says it, I do know PHP sort of does have global variables, but having to
>specify GLOBAL in any function I want to see that variable in disqualifies
>it from being a truly global variable IMHO..
>     I suppose I'm more curious than anything else.. Thanks!

I don't know what the makers of PHP had in mind, but from my experience, 
having truly global variables is a very bad idea.  In fact, you should be 
trying to limit your need of global variables, so that your program can 
count on the integrity of the variables.

John Meyer

If we didn't have Microsoft, we'd have to blame ourselves for all of our 
programs crashing

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