On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 09:00:49AM -0400, Floyd Resler wrote:

> We currently use the Easysoft ODBC Bridge to connect to a remote
> FoxPro database.  The problem is that the bridge, after a while,
> starts consuming a ton of system resources and we have to reboot the
> machine.  Afterwards, it can take upwards to two hours before
> everything is running quickly again.  We need another solution.  Does
> anyone know of a any other way to connect to a remote FoxPro database
> (or any ODBC source that isn't a database server)?

No way to convert the FoxPro to PostgreSQL or MySQL? FoxPro is ancient
and decrepit (I used to code in FoxPro).

There is a dBase module for PHP. I don't know if it handles generic
xBase files. I don't know much about the module, but you could check it

Paul M. Foster

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