Thanks for the information. I'll look into using ODBTP. I noticed you mentioned the problem with memos. I currently have that problem with the set up we're using and it is a pain!


On Jul 20, 2009, at 3:22 PM, Matt Neimeyer wrote:

We currently use the Easysoft ODBC Bridge to connect to a remote FoxPro database. The problem is that the bridge, after a while, starts consuming a ton of system resources and we have to reboot the machine. Afterwards, it can take upwards to two hours before everything is running quickly again. We need another solution. Does anyone know of a any other way to connect
to a remote FoxPro database (or any ODBC source that isn't a database

We've had a LOT a luck using ODBTP. Which can be found at

Here's the rough outline...

1. Install Visual FoxPro odbc driver (or whatever drivers you want) on
a Windows machine.
2. Install the ODBTP Server on the windows machine
3. Install a PHP module in your php. (Common ones included in the download)
4. Once you connect the functions are ALMOST exactly the same in usage
as the mysql_xyz functions.

A couple gotchas:

1. If you need to compile the PHP ODBTP module from source on x64 (OS
X Leopard at least) it can be a pain.
2. The VFP 6.0 ODBC driver (not sure about higher versions) does not
allow more than 250 odd characters to be inserted at a single time so
memo's can be a PAIN.
3. It does require a port be opened on the Windows machine's
firewall... (Uses TCP/IP for communication)
4. By default the ODBTP server can use up to 32 threads. The VFP ODBC
driver is by nature single threaded. We've never had a problem with
that directly but I assume it is what causes threads to slowly hang
and disappear... eventually a message comes up "Unable to create
thread". At that point you simply need to restart the ODBTP service in
the Windows Services Control Panel. The bigger the tables and the more
heavily used it is the more often this will happen.

Other than that... Works like a charm. Looking forward, once you bite
the bullet and convert to MySQL (at least for us) you can almost
change odbtp_ to mysql_ and be up and running. (Assuming you limit
yourself to "pure" SQL and not invoke VFP functions.)


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