You can disregard this, it's wrong (I missed a part of the requirements :) and there's other solutions already provided (my email client is weird when you switch to a folder it always displays the first entry as the last read, so sometimes I miss that there are new posts above... I just switched a few weeks ago.


Robert Cummings wrote:
rszeus wrote:

I’m tryng to make some replacements on a string.

Everything goês fine until the regular expression.

$file = "screens/temp/7a45gfdi6icpan1jtb1j99o925_1_main.jpg";

echo $a =  str_replace(array(7a45gfdi6icpan1jtb1j99o925,
'temp/',’_([0-9])’), array(“test”,"",””), $file)

The idea is to remove /temp and the last _1 from the file name..but i’m only
getting this:


I want it to be: screens/test_main.jpg

Sometimes it's helpful to break a problem into smaller problems:


     $a = str_replace( '/temp/', '/', $file );
     $a = preg_replace( '#_\d+_#', '_', $a );

     echo $a."\n";



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