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> Hi everyone:
> I've been studying the codes of Mediawiki for some time.
> I'm convinced that the file "index.php" is the only entrance to the whole
> site.
> But I cannot help myself with the url pattern :
> /somepath_to_mediawiki/index.php/pagetitle.
> How can this kind of url be parsed to the file "index.php" and the
> "pagetitle" be parsed as params?
> Why the web server not go straight into path "index.php/" and look for the
> file named "pagetitle" ?

This type of thing is common for sites using the "MVC" or
"Model-View-Controller" paradigm. The index.php file is what's called a
"front controller". A front controller is usually the entrance to all
the other pages of a site. URLs like this often take advantage of an
Apache feature called "mod_rewrite", which tells Apache how to handle
URLs which look like this. You can look on wikipedia.org for these terms
or google for them, and find full explanations.


Paul M. Foster

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