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> Thanks a lot. As far as i know, both methods dealing with urls are
> WEB-SERVER-TECH. While I was installing mediawiki, i did nothing with the
> file "httpd.conf", no changes made on <mod_rewrite>.
> The mediawiki install script cannot do nothing to httpd.conf i think.
> So i'm confused about how the url-rewriting mechanism is activited.

This can also be accomplished by Apache's "lookback" feature. If it's
turned on on the server, Apache will look back through the URL until it
finds something which is a file, and then consider the remainder of the
URL parameters, which it provides to the file. Thus,


will end up at http://example.com/index.php with pepperoni/pizza as
parameter, assuming that pepperoni and pizza are not files/directories
and index.php is not a directory.

The lookback feature can be turned on in the Apache configuration file,
which, on a public server, you have no access to.


Paul M. Foster

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