Miller, Terion wrote:
> I keep getting this error while trying to use the field 'ID' to pass in a 
> url.. And it's odd because the query is pulling everything BUT the ID which 
> is the first field...
> code:
> <a href="view.php?ID=<?php echo 
> $_SESSION['fullRestaurantList']['ID']?>"><?php echo 
> htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($_SESSION['fullRestaurantList'][$i]['name'])); 
> ?>

What's the query?

I find (I use PostgreSQL rather than the mySQL that many on this list use) that
unless you explicitly ask for a field called ID (using  SELECT "ID" ... ) you
get a returned field in lower case
$resource = pg_query("SELECT ID, Foo FROM MyTable WHERE Foo='Bar'");
$data = pg_fetch_all($resource)

gives me an array $data of rows like
$data[0]['id'] = '1'
$data[0]['foo'] = 'Bar'

To make sure $data[] has fields named ID and Foo I would have to do

$resource = pg_query("SELECT ID AS \"ID\", Foo AS \"Foo\" FROM MyTable WHERE

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