2009/7/23 Eddie Drapkin <oorza...@gmail.com>:
> Hey all,
> we've got a repository here at work, with something like 55,000 files
> in it. For the last few years, we've been naming $variables_like_this
> and functions_the_same($way_too).  And now we've decided to switch to
> camelCasing everything and I've been tasked with somehow determining
> if it's possible to automate this process.  Usually, I'd just use the
> IDE refactoring functionality, but doing it on a
> per-method/per-function and a per-variable basis would take weeks, if
> not longer, not to mention driving everyone insane.
> I've tried with regular expressions, but I can't make them smart
> enough to distinguish between builtins and userland code.  I've looked
> at the tokenizer and it seems to be the right way forward, but that's
> also a huge project to get that to work.
> I was wondering if anyone had had any experience doing this and could
> either point me in the right direction or just down and out tell me
> how to do it.

I'd question the wisdom of doing such a thing at all. When it comes to
coding standards the important thing is not what they are, just that
they exist and are observed by everybody.

This sounds like a colossal waste of time, whether you can find an
automated method or not, for no apparent gain. Seriously, what's the
benefit of using camel over underscores? Sounds like a decision made
by a manager who feels the need to create work when none is actually



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