Hey all,
we've got a repository here at work, with something like 55,000 files
in it. For the last few years, we've been naming $variables_like_this
and functions_the_same($way_too).  And now we've decided to switch to
camelCasing everything and I've been tasked with somehow determining
if it's possible to automate this process.  Usually, I'd just use the
IDE refactoring functionality, but doing it on a
per-method/per-function and a per-variable basis would take weeks, if
not longer, not to mention driving everyone insane.

I've tried with regular expressions, but I can't make them smart
enough to distinguish between builtins and userland code.  I've looked
at the tokenizer and it seems to be the right way forward, but that's
also a huge project to get that to work.

I was wondering if anyone had had any experience doing this and could
either point me in the right direction or just down and out tell me
how to do it.

Thanks so much

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