On 7/31/09 12:27 PM, "Bastien Koert" <phps...@gmail.com> wrote:

$letter = isset($_GET['letter']) ? $_GET['letter'] :"";

 echo '<div align="center"><b>';

 foreach(range('A','Z') as $c){
   ($letter == $c) ? printf('%s&nbsp',$c) : printf('<a

 echo '<br>';

 $bNumberShown = false;
 foreach(range('0','9') as $n){
   if($letter == $n) {
    if ($bNumberShown){
       printf('<a href="?letter=%s">%s</a>&nbsp;',$n,$n);
       printf('<a href="?letter=%s">#%s</a>&nbsp;',$n,$n);
       $bNumberShown = true;

  echo "</b><br></div><p>";

Looks like it would work but I keep getting syntax error unexpected { at the 
I have tried to move the brackets around but it just moves the error....

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