On 7/31/09 2:00 PM, "Miller, Terion" <tmil...@springfi.gannett.com> wrote:

On 7/31/09 1:56 PM, "Bastien Koert" <phps...@gmail.com> wrote:

$letters = '';

Nope still gives the same error:  Notice: Undefined index: letter

Well getting closer with this but now my output menu is not a clickable link?

                                                      $letter = 
isset($_GET['letter']) ? $_GET['letter'] :"";                                   
                     //Create array with letters AND number sign                
                                   $letters = range('A','Z');                   
       array_push($letters, '#');                                               
     $menu = '';                          foreach($letters as $letter) {        
                      $menu .= ($letter)                              ? 
sprintf('%s', $letter)                              : sprintf('<a 
href="browse.php?letter=%s">%s</a>&nbsp', $letter, $letter);                    
      }                                                    echo "<div 
align=\"center\"><b>{$menu}</b><br /></div>";

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