I had a thought today while walking...why do all ideas come while
walking under the sun rather than slouching in front of the LCD's glow?

Wouldn't it be cool to develop an application that allowed one to manage
Git via PHP?  I'm thinking, sorta like how the PHPMyAdmin project helps
people manage MySQL via PHP.

The reach for PHPGitAdmin would prolly not be as great as it is for
PHPMyAdmin, b/c most hosting services do not let one run git (executing
shell commands), i assume.

I'm still new to Git and Subversion, after a few days of research I
think I'm more inclined towards Git.  I am not exactly sure how the
PHPGitAdmin project would work, but I'm thinking aloud right now.

Maybe there is such a feature already available.  I guess eclipse and
the git plug-in effectively accomplish a similar task, but this requires
people to have the eclipse framework rather than a browser and the i-net
(which everyone hopefully has).

What do you all think about this project?


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