Hi all

I posted this on the PHP-db list, but it is sunday.. and with so little traffic today, perhaps no one will mind if I post this here too? (with hoped I'll get a quicker pointer?).

I'm translating some code from another server-side language into PHP, and I need something that 'summarizes' results found from a MySQL SELECT. I.e. -

while ($TrackingRow = mysql_fetch_object($foundTrackingRows)) {...

..such that the while loop only loops *ONCE per unique _date_ found (regardless of the hour/min./sec.)* in my column which is of type TIMESTAMP DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP PRIMARY KEY

For example, if I have column values like these:
2009-08-01 07:01:00
2009-07-30 18:16:37
2009-07-30 17:49:06
2009-07-27 17:35:52
2009-07-27 17:24:21
2009-07-27 17:23:03
..then my while { loop would only fire 3 times.

I do my RTFM; can someone just give me a good point in the right direction.

John Butler/(Govinda)

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