I'm creating a form with variable number of entries (user controlled) where
each entry consists of some input fields. For most input types, appending []
to their names is enough to allow me processing each entry. So, for
instance, if there are 3 entries with field name[] and email[], they can be
accessed as:

name = Array(
  0 => 'name1',
  1 => 'name2',
  2 => 'name3'

email = Array(
  0 => 'email1',
  1 => 'email2',
  2 => 'email3'

However, this isn't the case for radio buttons. Let's see a common usage:
sex determinition. Using sex[] will make the one in an entry to behave
dependently to another. This is due to the radio button behavior to group
choices based on name.

How can I make a radio button in one entry to behave independently from the
one in another so that it can be accessed as name and email above?

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