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> > This should work:
> >
> > <input type='radio' name='sex[1]' value='1'>
> > <input type='radio' name='sex[1]' value='2'>
> > <input type='radio' name='sex[2]' value='1'>
> > <input type='radio' name='sex[2]' value='2'>
> Yes, that works. But should I manually maintain the number in the
> bracket?
> Is there anyway so that it can be automatically maintained? Because
> my app
> allows to delete entries arbitrarily. For instance, consider this
> layout (+
> is insert button, - is delete):
> entry1 +/-
> entry2 +/-
> entry3 +/-
> entry1 has sex[0] field, entry2 has sex[1] and so on. If entry2 is
> deleted,
> then I have to change all sex fields in entries below entry2 which
> is a
> waste of time.

Why do you? There's no reason you *have* to have consecutive indexes -- just 
iterate over the resulting array with foreach, and there's no problem. (Unless 
your back-end logic demands sequential id numbers, but my opinion would be 
there's something wrong with your design if it does.)


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