I created a simple survey for my work website, most of the PHP is on my
process.php document, which is referenced by a form on a seperate page
containing the form with the method of "post".

On my process.php page, the script obtains the field data using the
$_REQUEST[] function.

I have a small if statement to check to see if they filled out the
'firstname' field, and if they did not, to replace $name with "Sir or
Madam". Unfortunately, $name always equals "Sir or Madam", wether a value
for "firstname" was entered or not.

All the of the other instances of using $_REQUEST[] functions just fine, but
don't make use of if or isset. Here is the code snippet:

if(isset($_REQUEST['firstname']) && !empty($RESULT['firstname'])) {
 $name = $_REQUEST['firstname'];
 } else {
 $name = 'Sir or Madam';

I also tried adding an underscore to $RESULT (I got the code for this from a
php.net comment on the manual), to make it $_RESULT, but this doesn't seem
to be a pre-set function, and it still does not make it work. I am guessing
the user neglected to define $RESULT in his snippet, or I overlooked it.

Can anyone see any problems with the code?

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