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> I had that happen a few years ago. I had/have a $20k insurance policy on my
> office computers and data. However, I was very surprised to find that it
> didn't cover flooding.
> Since then I keep a HD backup of everything in a waterproof safe inside a
> larger fireproof safe located in my garage. There's nothing there but data.

    We had just moved my office from the second floor of our house to
the basement, which has never had a drop of water in it in the
two-plus years we've been here.  My office was converted to a nursery
for Haileigh.  I do have things backed up elsewhere, including
multiple redundant off-site backups.... but work I'd done in the last
couple of weeks was only backed up locally, and despite the systems
being raised above the floor in typical datacenter fashion, the water
found its way to one system and waterlogged it, and hit the power
strip of the backup and fried the entire unit.  I may be able to
recover some - perhaps even most - of the data forensically, but the
time to do so is neither cost-effective nor prudent.

    And, as in your situation, I have about $65k in renter's insurance
for my computer systems alone, but it does not cover flooding either.
I'd be better to file a false claim that it was stolen, or that I
accidentally dropped it down the stairs, but insurance fraud wasn't on
my to-do list this week.  ;-P

    All in all, the equipment I lost amounts to less than $3,000 ---
and if I can reuse the parts from some of the stuff as I believe I
can, it'll be limited to a motherboard, some various components, and
three hard drives.  So the loss of data and work is a pain in the
butt, and is semi-catastrophic, but could've been worse.  I'm nearly
done making my adjustments to the basement office and network now to
avoid having it recur.  I should've taken the precautions despite the
lack of water we've had, but in all honesty, there were other things
we were trying to rush along, and this went by the wayside.  Once
again, live and learn.  Your phrase about learning something new every
day is applicable here.  ;-P

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