Was going to say the exact same thing.  No one should have to put up with that 

I suggest if this was a normal occurrence, a chat with him would be a start.  
If you get nowhere with that, a trip to HR would be good.

Shouting at someone is counter-productive, and there more you put up with it, 
the more your boss will feel empowerment over you,


Thanks guys!! I actually do have an appt with HR at 2pm today.  And his yelling 
fix didn't fix it at all...now it just displays default "A" listings on all 
pages which is what he does NOT want....4 minutes until my deadline...guess I 
won't make this one.  Think I will go be a bartender and florist again..that's 
how I got thru college..so much less stress....I'm going to start using the 
pastebin for my code I can't figure out my settings I tell it text but it seems 
to jumble it anyways....
So if anyone wants to have a look here is the link for the script


I don't get why the $_SERVER['browse.php'] stopped working....

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