hi there,

u want help? break down ur question to the point, none is going to downlod
unknown zips searching for the spot.

its fun to help, but its for free, so make it easier for us to help u

u r lucky that i'm sick at the moment and a bit bored, but anyway i'm not
downloading a zip.

however, the most common error for newbies on that issue is, that thex don't
pay attention to the fact that a browser treats a picture as a separate file
to download. u can store pictures in a databas, and a blob field in mysql is
the right thing, however u have to have a little php scrip, however with a
.png extention to get the browser displaying the picture.

u have to tell apache that a .png (or jpeg, gif etc) extention is to be
parsed by the php interpreter where u then can place ur database retrival of
the picture. in that script u then have to make shure ur are sending the
right header out.

to give u all the details is worth some time and time is money. the amount
of documentation to figure out the details is not small. start with some w3c
and rfc standard to get the clue.


"nashrul" <anas_a...@yahoo.com> wrote in message
> I am new to php...
> I try to make a php page that displays form submitted data and image.
> are 3 php files,
> tampil_tamu_admin.php, edit_tamu.php and display_img.php.
> The user lists are displayed in the tampil_tamu_admin.php, and when the
> clicks one record, it shows edit page (edit_tamu.php) that display user
> and picture. (edit_tamu.php file includes img tag that calls
> with user id)
> The problem is the user data is displayed but the image is not
> How can I display this image ?
> The codes are attached
> Thanks http://www.nabble.com/file/p24839092/guest-book.rar guest-book.rar
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p24839092/guest-book.zip guest-book.zip
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