Ben Dunlap wrote:
I don't have any data blobs in my database - which makes incremental
backups easier - I use rsync for files and do a nightly mysql dump.
Except for the first of the month, the diff of that nights backup
compared to first of month is saved to flat file for rsync. Binary blobs
in the database would likely mean I have to change my backup protocol,
but if it really is advantageous, I'd do it.

This is just an aside but are you aware of the '--hex-blob' argument to
mysqldump? It causes binary data to be dumped as a hexadecimal string:

It's space-greedy (every byte in your original data requires two bytes in the
dump file) but it seems like it would be compatible with your mysqldump/diff


No I wasn't aware of it.
I'll keep it in mind if I ever do start keeping binary blobs.

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