Hi all. I monitor this list and occasionally contribute as an amateur so
please forgive a question that might seem terribly obvious to those in the

I'm confused about all this PHP 6 talk. Until now I thought I was right up
there, because I worked with PHP 5.29 and was ready to upgrade to 5.3.

How does it happen that PHP 5.3 has just been released, but books already
exist about PHP 6 ?

I searched google and so on, but still can't really work out how the PHP
development cycle works. Given that PHP 6 exists, does that mean I'm "behind
the times" working with 5.29 or 5.3?

I only just figured out that I can get the internet on my *computer*. Up
until now I'd just been accessing it with a pencil and paper but the
computer version is so much better!

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