Tony Marston wrote:
Don't be so pedantic. PHP 6 does not exist in a live, production-ready version. It is still under development and has not even reached the beta stage. Anyone who writes a book which documents the features of PHP 6 is being very premature as those features may change at any moment. The features will not be frozen until the first GA release.

Actually has anybody seen a copy of the book? Does it cover anything other than the original roadmap for PHP6? It certainly will not have any correct examples for 'namespace' since they were not even documented at the end of 2007 ( I assume that the book took more than a few months to update an print in April 2008 )

Of cause the debate needs to be 'What is holding up an alpha release of PHP6'. Much of the talk some years ago WAS of that happening 2007/8 and at that time I had been running a PHP6 development machine for some time. It's probably 2 years since I updated it, since there was little point in doing any more testing at present?

As far as I am aware the hold-up is still as to whether PHP6 should simply be native Unicode? My personal view is that this IS the correct way forward and that PHP5.?.? remains as the single byte character version in parallel? Even though 'English' is the only language I use, my customers are world wide, and while Unicode character strings can be handled quite happily in PHP5, the simple fact that you have to ask 'is this Unicode' and use a different set of functions should not be a factor nowadays?

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