> changes to the code or to the files, just one day all of a sudden any
> time someone purchases a DMG, EXE, PDF, etc. they get zero bytes. I've
> Has anyone ever heard of something (besides my code and my files) that
> could cause this behavior? You'll be my best friend if you can help.
> Thanks.

That list of failing file types makes me suspect some sort of anti-malware
software at the perimeter of Rackspace's network. Could also be anti-malware on
the users' machines, but if this is happening to a wide cross-section of users,
I'd doubt the latter.

Plus, in the latter case, I would expect the users' machines to end up with no
file on disk at all, but it sounds like they're getting empty files instead.

You'd think Rackspace would know about potentially destructive changes to their
perimeter, but my experience with their first-level support is that they are
wonderfully friendly and well-intentioned but could sometimes be
better-informed.* Have you been able to push through to second-level support or

You might have to tweak your code a bit to support your case to Rackspace (and
make double-darn-sure it's actually not your problem): for example, you could
grab the return value of readfile() and write it to a log file (or just call
error_log() to write it to the PHP error log).

This will prove that your code is actually sending bytes across the wire. Even
if your headers are wrong -- which they obviously aren't, if the code works for
some file types -- your users shouldn't be getting 0 bytes if readfile() is
reporting otherwise.


*I don't intend to bash on Rackspace here -- I'm a very happy customer of
theirs for email and Cloud Servers. I always give them an 8 or a 9 on
customer-satisfaction surveys, and then explain my frustration with their
first-level support in the "comments" section.

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