On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 2:08 AM, Ron Piggott<ron....@actsministries.org> wrote:
> Am I understanding str_replace correctly?  Do I have this correct or are ' 
> needed?
> $bible_verse_ref is what I want to change to (AKA replace)
> bible_verse_ref is what I change to change from (AKA search)
> $text_message_template is the string I want to manipulate
> $text_message = str_replace( $bible_verse_ref, 'bible_verse_ref', 
> $text_message_template );
> Ron

If I understand you right, I think you have the search and replace
arguments mixed up.  Your current code will look for all occurrences
of $bible_verse_ref in $text_message_template and replace it with


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