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good question !! I think the word "framework" is modern fashion term in the first case. in former days we used to say "library" C comes with a standard
library, in modern words C comes with a standard framework. I use my own
framework, means I reuse my code written for similar things before, so I use my "framework". its like a painter, he uses a ready made frame to paint what
ever he wants,

u can use the yahoo UI framework to "paint" ur page. A operating system is a
"framework" unifieing the underlaying hardware.

as in former days u said "library" u say more modern "framework" in both
cases its a bunch of functions doing some stuff the user of the framework
hasn't to take care about by using the framework.

hope that helps

I think framework is different than library.
Pear is a collection of libraries.
PECL (and binary modules that ship with php) are a collection of libraries.

I don't use pre-packaged frameworks so it probably is best for me not to define them, but I think they are a basically a collection of classes and libraries intended to make rapid development of web applications faster.

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