On Sunday 09 August 2009 02:47:37 pm Parham Doustdar wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've heard of frameworks, but I don't quite know what they are used for.
> I've done a little search on the internet, but even though I've been able
> to find different PHP frameworks, I'm not quite sure what they offer, or in
> what they differ, or why I shouldn't just use PHP as it is. Can someone
> give a little bit of explaination?
> Thanks!

They are the different way of the programming php.

PHP is the Temple Of the Shaolin, those fw programmers are master of the 

They are generate their way of the PHP-FU. Like kung-fu there are many ways to 
do things in php. 

From my point of view. All of them sh*t load of bloated code masterpieces. 

After RoR craze, Nearly every PHP developer sees the light in a one night. 
Then PHP Frameworks was skyrocketed. And Zend jump the bandwagon.

Main point of Framework craze was not technical. PHP was loose type language, 
you can easily mess up your self in seconds and in the Internet you can see 
giantic size of spagetti code. Because of this, Java and .net programmers 
constantly mauls PHP as non enterprise language.

So ? What is the point ? The point is, As a company owner or the project 
manager when you get a Certified this or that framework master, you can easily 
adopt a standard to your projects, plus, you can get support and more 
important than that you can show your badges and whistles to your customer to 
prove yourself as a Experienced php crafter.

In simple, They says to your customer, you are in safe, these guys knows php, 
you can buy things from them even if they blows things up, you can find another 
certified master somewhere else.

From my point of view.

If you want to learn a Framework, I suggest you to learn a CMS/Framework, 
something like TYPO3.

Because, after installing learning maybe certifying a framework, you have to 
do tons of coding to generate a usable platform. For example you have to write 
a session controller, have to generate a administrator interface, this that 
yada yada.

So why you have to do all of this. Use a CMS/Framework and do just you need.

Plus, TYPO3 also has same badges and whistles (if you wish) for your 
customers. Even in Germany it has bigger balls too.


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