hi there,

this is typical app for db repliction mechanism. it depnds of the size off
your project.

have a look here:

if this is oversized for u do a dump of each table without the
auto_increment fields. if u read in these tables the main database then does
use its own record id.
to identifie these records use a subsidairy finegerprint field.

another way would be not to use a ai field for identifying the record, use a
timestamp field to have an unique index on the tables. it is very unlikeley
that two records are written at the same time in the various subsidaries. a
timestamp field is a breakdown to the milisecond. however there is still a
chance of 1 to some billion, that two records have the same key.

just some possibilities


""Leidago !Noabeb"" <leid...@googlemail.com> wrote in message
> Hi
> I have the following tables setup in MYSQL:
> Region 1                                     Region 2
>                         HQ
> Tbl1 with autonumbered (PK)         Tbl1 with autonumbered (PK)
>     Tbl1 autonumbered-PK
> To explain the above. Basically there are two regions that collect
> information and then at the end of each month they have to send the
> information to HQ. This is fine, but the problem comes when the
> information (the data in the tables) is submitted to HQ. All three
> tables have the same names and the same structure. We want to
> synchronize the information sent by the regions into one table at HQ.
> How can we do this without having the duplicate number problem?
> Thanks

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