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I have the following tables setup in MYSQL:

Region 1                                     Region 2
Tbl1 with autonumbered (PK)         Tbl1 with autonumbered (PK)
    Tbl1 autonumbered-PK

To explain the above. Basically there are two regions that collect
information and then at the end of each month they have to send the
information to HQ. This is fine, but the problem comes when the
information (the data in the tables) is submitted to HQ. All three
tables have the same names and the same structure. We want to
synchronize the information sent by the regions into one table at HQ.
How can we do this without having the duplicate number problem?


You can change system, so it will increment not by one, but by 2:

then Region 1 with have numbers:
1, 3 ,5 , 7 , etc
Region 2: 2, 4 ,6, 8 etc

then they are going to be easily mixed together.
As a bonus - it will be easy to see from where this record came.

Only problem - you can do it only on server level, not table level


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