seems they changing idears on the fly? could it be that the designer is a
smal ugly person while u a a good looking ladykiller ?

on that background I would design a function where u can change ti what ever
u want on the fly something like this

var $a;
function alternate(  $a, $_b=array( "red", "red" ,"green" ,... ) {
    if( count( $_b ) > $a ) {
        return $_b[ $a++ ] ;
    return $_b[ $a++ ] ;

so now u can do what ever anybody wants on just putting the right values
into the array



"David Otton" <> wrote in message
2009/8/11 Daevid Vincent <>:

> NO! For the love of God and all that is holy, don't do that accumulator /
> mod "hack".
> That's sooooo 1980's. And why make the CPU do all that math for every
> Just do this. It's quick and simple:
> CSS:
> .dataRow1 { background-color: #DFDFDF; }
> .dataRow2 { background-color: #FFFFFF; }
> foreach ($foo_array as $foo) {
> ?><tr class="<?= ($dr = !$dr) ? "dataRow1" : "dataRow2" ?>"><td><?= $foo
> ?></td></tr><?php
> }

A change request just came in - the interaction designer wants every
third line to have a grey background, instead of every second line.

> No need to initialize $dr as by default PHP will make it a boolean
> then each itteration, it will toggle true/false and substitute the CSS

Um. No. Just no.

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