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quick Q:
I have this inside a foreach{} that I want to alternate between on and off so I can alternate the background-color of my <tr>'s.

$tableRowBGcolorBoolCounter != $tableRowBGcolorBoolCounter; //-boolean on and off

I am looking thru' docs and books, but can't remember (nor find now) in PHP how to say "inverse your value" (to a boolean).



Here's my solution:



However, my solution (after reading others) is for an alternating row color (a boolean operation).

The problem was NOT making every third row a different color or making every row a different color. Those problems would require different solutions.

There is nothing wrong with embedding php within html, which is really a misnomer because it's the php interpreter that's sending the resultant html to the browser. It is not sending php snip-its for the browser to handle. So, embedding code such as:

<tr class="row<?php echo($i++ & 1);?>">

Is a valid statement that works. It would be nice if you initialize the $i value, but it will work either way.

My solution, provided via the above link, is a valid solution.




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