John Butler wrote:
What a lot of good ideas spawned from the OP!
I am learning many things,.. while also actually working (paying bills), so I regularly have to just go with what I know well.

Anyway, I already have the forearch { loop (for other reasons it is necessary), and I only needed one color to alternate with the default white.. so I used this:

forearch { ...
$tableRowBGcolorBoolCounter = !$tableRowBGcolorBoolCounter; //- boolean on and off

(which then sticks in one CSS class or another for that <tr>.

thanks for everyone's feedback.
Yeah, but forearch ain't going to work.

what do you mean? I must have neglected to include more of the relevant code to show you that it IS working just fine. I will certainly explain more if you ask.. but the whole point of me starting the thread was just to be reminded how to inverse a boolean var's value. Tony answered me; I am happy. I assume you don't want me (the newbie) to show how I have it working. (?)

He's pointing out a typo... "forearch" instead of "foreach" :)

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