Hi Marc,

This is one for JavaScript, methinks.

<title>Screen detection</title>

 function GetSW() {
  var sw = screen.width;

  return sw;

 function GetSH() {
  var sh = screen.height;

  return sh;


Your browser resolution is


 document.write(GetSW() + ' by ' + GetSH());


 pixels, so it's therefore recommended you view the site using this
resolution (or whatever's closes to it).


"Marc van Duivenvoorde" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm trying to make a small browser and screen resolution script for my
> site, the browser part isn't a problem, but I can't find a function for
> screen resolutions, does anyone know whether such a function exists.
> Thanks,
> Marc van Duivenvoorde

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