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Subject: [PHP] How to make sure that the target file to read is not under
writing by others?

Hi everyone:

I have a crontab command to execuate my php-script every half an hour.

The mission of the php-script is to open a file(log file), examine it.

The target file(log file) is transported to local every half an hour.

I've no idea how much time it will costs and on the other hand, i want to
make sure the file i'm openning is Completely Written.

Any instruction will be grateful.

PS: I've made a test. My php-script just "fopen" a local file being
transported in, and the "fopen" returns no FALSE value but a resource.


Check the timestamp of the log file. Alternatively you can have a log
control file that is updated by the program transferring the log file only
when the transfer is completed, and work on that.


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