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On Wed, 2009-08-19 at 11:55 +0200, Arno Kuhl wrote:
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> Hi everyone:
> I have a crontab command to execuate my php-script every half an hour.
> The mission of the php-script is to open a file(log file), examine it.
> The target file(log file) is transported to local every half an hour.
> I've no idea how much time it will costs and on the other hand, i want 
> to make sure the file i'm openning is Completely Written.
> Any instruction will be grateful.
> PS: I've made a test. My php-script just "fopen" a local file being 
> transported in, and the "fopen" returns no FALSE value but a resource.
> Dengxule
> 2009/08/19
> ----------------
> Check the timestamp of the log file. Alternatively you can have a log 
> control file that is updated by the program transferring the log file 
> only when the transfer is completed, and work on that.
> Cheers
> Arno
The log control file wouldn't work, as how would you know when to open the
control file?!



You can open the control file any time you want. The info in the control
file tells you whether to proceed. The transfer program adds the entry when
the log has been transferred, the processing script updates the entry to
indicate it's been processed. You can either add a new entry each time
(useful for monitoring to fine-tune the timing, or for keeping a history) or
work on a single entry that's overwritten each time the log is transferred.


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