Dear all, 

We have a server with a site that does some XML calls. After lots of testing
I have found that the server is losing session variables.

However sometimes it isn't losing them so I don't think it's a code thing
rather a server issue. The strange thing is that its not consistent.
Things to note: 

The session array is really big, quite a few variables.

Also the site goes from HTTP to HTTPS at some point but this isn't the issue
as it loses the sessions as soon as they are set sometimes.

Therefore I would like to know what I could check. I have read in other
posts that I should check:

-Disk space

-Garbage collection running too frequently and reducing  
session lifetime in an ini_set and it might be possible that my live
sessions are being  
erronously treated as garbage.

-Is there any other settings that I can check or should the above be all I
should check

Please any advise, comments, help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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