Since we are on the subject: I have the following similar problem:

When testing page on internet explorer, I find that one tab's variables can
affect another tab's variables. Thus when having the same web-site open and
using SESSION variables but for different users, Internet explorer can
become "disorientated". This also "sometimes" happen when I have two
separate browsing windows open with Internet Explorer for the same site.

I have yet to determine if this is an internet explorer, or PHP or
combination of the two that is causing this condition. 

To my understanding _SESSION variables should be maintained per session, tab
or window. If this has been addressed already, my apologies, but thought it
worthwhile to mention.  

If someone perhaps have a solution or can confirm this as a known issue and
maybe is the same or related to Angelo's problem?

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Sent: 20 August 2009 08:53 AM
To: 'Ben Dunlap'
Subject: RE: [PHP] SESSIONS lost sometimes

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To: Angelo Zanetti
Subject: Re: [PHP] SESSIONS lost sometimes

> We have a server with a site that does some XML calls. After lots of
> I have found that the server is losing session variables.
> Also the site goes from HTTP to HTTPS at some point but this isn't the
> as it loses the sessions as soon as they are set sometimes.
> Therefore I would like to know what I could check. I have read in other

Can you clarify what you mean by "losing sessions"? Have you taken a
network trace to see whether the client is consistently sending the
session ID with every request?

When the problem happens, is $_SESSION completely empty or is it only
missing some variables? Does it seem to happen on any page, or only
certain ones?



Hi Ben, 

When the problem happens the $_SESSION is partially empty. It only has the
some of the variables set.

It happens on a certain page only, but the strange thing is that it never
happened before its only happening now. But the code hasn't changed so is it
safe to assume that it's a server issue?


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