On Thu, 2009-08-20 at 18:38 +0530, kranthi wrote:
> The original problem..
> >> server is losing session variables.
> I dont think PHP is not good at unset() ing variables while the script
> is executing.
> general logger will be of use in this case (especially when cant
> reproduce the problem every time). PEAR, Zend, FirePHP, files... any
> thing will do...
> try to log every thing related to sessions at the start of the page...
> session_id, $_SESSION super global, _SERVER['PHP_SELF']
> do the same thing after the script exists...
> i had a similar problem earlier...
> a page in my app used to change $_SESSION['id']. It took me ages to
> find out the source... even grep was of no use... at last  i was able
> to isolate the page that was causing this, with the help of logging.
> Of course, the main problem was that my production server has
> register_globals on, while my development server has them off.
Register globals is really not a good thing to use for modern setups. It
makes it a little easier for people to exploit holes in weaker PHP


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