On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 12:04:08PM +0200, Leon du Plessis wrote:
> Thanks Ashley, 
> I just want to iterate again that when a new page is opened by another
> existing page in a new browser or Tab, the session_id is already created and
> therefore the current way browsers work is in no way compremised. The new
> browser/tab would receive the session id along with GET or POST variables.
> What I am suggesting/hoping is that when a new browser is opened or a new
> tab is opened via the application, the protocols would reckognize that this
> is the first time the page is served and is not being called from another
> page. That is, a new page is loaded by the user entering it, and NOT by
> clicking login or some other link from an existing page.

Out of curiosity.  Did you test it under Google Chrome?  I believe each
tab is a separate process in the case of that browser.  I wonder how
that might affect something like this.  

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