On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 10:25:15AM -0400, Gary wrote:

> There is plenty of commonaltiy in the submissions, all ip addresses start
> with an 122.  They all offer SEO services, but change the wording, so if I
> tried to bannish any submissions with Search Engine, Ranking, Google etc,
> they would probably just shift messages. There are also special charactors
> in the messages, although I am not sure if that is just a foreign charactor
> that is being translated.
> I also noticed that one of the messages start with "\ and end with \", which
> I assume is put in to beat system.
> I did find on stopforumspam.com this ip address and they had whois
> information, it points to india.  There is also a "report abuse" to the ISP,
> but I wonder if that is just another trap.
> Any thoughts would be appriciated.

I wouldn't spend a lot of time on this. If this is the worst your
customer has to deal with, they're doing okay. They could simply block
these at their mail client on their local machine.

Ashley's suggestion is the best solution. If I ever see spam on any form
of mine or my customers', I immediately implement CAPTCHA to block it.
This may not block human-generated spam, but human-generated spam is a
huge minority because it's so labor-intensive.


Paul M. Foster

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