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> I have a client with a form on his site and he is getting spammed.
> It appears not to be from bots but human generated.  While they are
> coming from India, they do not all have the same IP address, but they
> all have gmail addresses, New York  addresses are used in the input
> field and they all offer SEO services.  It is not overwhleming, but
> about 5 a month.
> What is the best way to stop this.
> Thanks
> Gary 

One of the things you could check is if they do direct posting.
What I mean by that if that sometimes a POST URL only is send. They
figured out the fields you have in your form and directly send a POST
with the appropriate fields.
You could check this in the webserver logs. Just look for the IP and
see if it only has a POST URL.

If this is the case you could implement a nonce on your form and check
it during the processing of the post.

A second idea is to check the IP of the visitor during the POST
process, with something like stopforumspam or project honey pot.

If you want more info let me know.

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