Hi all

I'm upgrading PHP version from PHP 4 to 5.3.0 and Apache to 2.2.13, but I'm
facing a weird problem on the following statement:

$StringaParametri=exec('java -cp ..\\java rsa6230 ' . $Token);

It works on PHP 4 and PHP 5 CGI, but it hang Apache using MOD_PHP5. The
problem occurs when 2 or more requests are served at the same time. 
PHP 4 doesn't have the problem but it works as CGI. On PHP 5 we rule out CGI
because it is too slow. 
The problem seems to be related to exec/system/ functions family. Other
scripts using system(), running .NET program, hang in the same way.

Windows Server 2003
Apache 2.2.13
PHP 5.3.0 ( PHP 5.2.10 has the same problem too)

Any idea?

Thank you

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