Hi, I am still a newbie in php. Is there a shorter way to include a php
value in a form?
<input type="text" name="fullname" size="40" value="<?php echo
{$user['fullname']}; ?>" />
is it possible to do smth like this <?=php {$user['fullname']}; ?> like in
Can I omit the last whitespace before the closing ?> ?

I tried to download the file from another server the fancy way in PHP, but
it just display blank screen. Can You please look at my code:

    $filepath = "http://aaaaaa.yolasite.com/resources/happytears.doc";;
// $filepath = 
  if (file_exists($filepath)) {
     header("Content-Type: application/force-download");
     $fd = fopen($filepath,'rb');//I tried also just 'r' and am not clear on
which documents should I add b for binary? As I understand only text plain
files and html files and php etc files are without 'b'. All documents,
presentations, mp3 files, video files should have also 'b' for binary along
r. Am I wrong?
Both filepaths are valid and accessible to the same document. I double
checked them. Please help me. Thanks in advance, Yours, Grega

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