On Mon, 2009-08-24 at 23:16 -0600, mike bode wrote:
> I am trying to use PHP on my web site I am developing now. I have installed 
> Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.2. My problem is that I can execute PHP code embedded 
> in my HTML code, but I can't execute the same cose when I put it into a 
> separate .php file that i then call from within the html code. for example:
> I have a html file with
> <body>
> <?php
> echo "Printing with php";
> ?>
> <?body>
> and it works fine.
> When I take out the php code and put it inot a file pp.php, and I call that 
> file with my browser ("localhost/pp.php"), it works, too.
> But when I change the html code to:
> <body>
> <script type="text/javascript" src="pp.php"></script>
> </body>
> I get a blank page. this is probably something really stupid, but I have 
> been wrecking my head for days now, and I can't figure it out. anybody has 
> an idea? 
Yes, this is not how you use PHP! PHP isn't embedded in HTML, it's
actually the other way round.

You should make the main page a .php page and from there you can include
the necessary HTML parts like so:

include "includes/header.html";

// body code here

include "includes/footer.html";


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