At 2:45 PM -0600 8/25/09, mike bode wrote:
I see. PHP runs on the server and cannot directly interact with my browser, only through Javascript.

Kind of.

PHP runs on the server and can create html, css, javascript et al. However, PHP will complete it's task before the browser see's anything. Once the browser see's the code, it's up to the browser to interpret and run html, css, and javascript.

If your html is a form (i.e., submit), or you have javascript running, then either of those can trigger a php script on the server to run which can repeat the process in generating new html, css, and javascript (if needed). Normally, javascript is not generated by PHP, but it can be.

Using javascript to trigger an event certainly works IF javascript is turned on by the user's browser. However, this is something that you have absolutely no control over. A user can turn javascript ON/OFF at their discretion. You see, many people turn javascript off because of security concerns -- and those concerns are not without foundation.




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