Shawn McKenzie wrote:
 > First off, if the value is NULL in the database then in PHP it will be
> the string "NULL" and not a null value as far as I remember.  Second,
> you cant use a function/method in empty().  Thirdly, the string "NULL"
> is not empty.  I'm not sure what DB class you're using here or what the
> Fields() method actually returns.  You should do a
> var_dump($rs->Fields(22)) to see. If it returns a string (especially
> "NULL"), then this or some variation should work:
> $q4 = $rs->Fields(22);
> if($q4 == "NULL"){
>       $q4 = "";
> }
> If it returns an empty string or false then you may have nothing to do.
DOH! My bad.  MySQL stores an empty value based upon the field type for
NULL.  So if the field type is int then it sets it to 0 and if its
varchar, etc, it sets it to an empty string "".  The MySQL functions
seem to return everything as a string, so for an int field it returns
the string "0", so:

$q4 = $rs->Fields(22);

        $q4 = "";

But I'm not sure what benefit you get from this except that "0" is
changed to "".


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