Hey Stuart - 

RTFM yourself....I did read it, and obviously misunderstood...

I'm really sorry to bother you. I thought that was what a listserv like this 
was for - to ask questions...

I'll try not to ask questions I should know the answer to next time.

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2009/8/28 David Stoltz <dsto...@shh.org>:
> How to I ensure a variable date is not in the past, compared to the
> current date? Here's how I'm trying, unsuccessfully:
> $nextdate = "8/2/2009";
> if(strtotime($nextdate)<=getdate()){
>        echo "Sorry, your next evaluation date cannot be in the past,
> Click BACK to continue.";
>        exit;
> }


The strtotime function will give you a timestamp, getdate will give
you an array, so your comparison is non-sensical. Use the time
function to get the current date/time as a timestamp.



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