On Fri, 2009-08-28 at 17:32 +0800, Keith wrote:
> I have a user sign up page that collects sign up information from user with 
> form.
> This form will then be submitted to another process.php page for setting up 
> the user account and send email to the user.
> After the email been sent out, the user will be directed back to homepage 
> with header("location: index.php").
> However, error happen with warning: [Cannot modify header information - 
> headers already sent by...]
> Any workaround for this?
> Thanks for help!
> Keith

You don't need a workaround. The header("Location...") thing will only
work if you have not sent any content to the browser yet. That includes
even a single space or newline.

It looks like in your process.php page, something is being output to the
browser. Are you able to do a code dump of that page?


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