Ash, Ben, Thanks!

For my web server, I can access to:

all the http documents are stored inside httpdocs and SSL documents inside httpsdocs. The web root you mean here is referred to ./httpdocs and ./httpsdocs or the parent directory of them? If I put the logfile inside ./log/logfile.txt where ./log is same level as ./httpdocs, can the web users access it?


"Ashley Sheridan" <> wrote in message
On Fri, 2009-08-28 at 09:28 -0700, Ben Dunlap wrote:
> Which format should I used for log file? *.log or *.txt?

Doesn't matter to PHP -- but you do need to provide a local path, not a URL.

> [*] or


> [C:\some_path\\log\logfile.*] or just



You should try and put the log somewhere that is not in the web root, to
prevent anyone from accessing it and getting information which could
help a hack.


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